Personal Info Manager App

iPhone and iPad

This app allow you to store your sensitive personal information using AES-256 encryption and provides security from others using touch ID. You can store your credit card information, passport info, passwords to combination locks or safes, bank account info, frequent flyer mile info, website passwords, etc.

Features include:

  • AES-256 encryption (when enabled)
  • Touch ID application access (when enabled)
  • Backup encrypted data to external file for later restore
  • Restore data from encrypted backup file
  • Save to iCloud Files app
  • Send encrypted file via Message, Email, or other supported apps
  • Add icon to provide easy way to identify record type (e.g. Bank, Phone, Safe, etc)
  • Twenty four category icons to choose from

To the left is the opening screen (or splash screen as it is often referred to) that you are presented with after you launch the application.

This app also displays in full screen on the iPad. 


Immediately after the splash screen is displayed, the Personal Info Manager screen is displayed. This screen is where you will see the titles to the person information you currently have stored. Features on this screen include:

  • Edit button 
  • Add button
  • Search text field
  • Settings (gear) button
  • Sort / Un-Sort button

Each personal information entry that you want to store is added using the Add (+) button. After adding multiple records of information, they are presented on this screen in a table using the title that you choose. If you want to delete a record, the Edit button proves the feature for deletion. 

To search and find a record quickly, simply type in the Search text field to quickly get to a record. After many records are entered you can sort them using the Sort / Un-Sort button

To add your first piece of information, click on the Add (+)  button.  

Clicking the Add (+) button displays the New Item screen. Here you can add a title of your choice. For example, we could enter our Social Security information. We can begin by entering a title of My Social Security Number, followed by our actual SSN in the first Addition Information field. To add more additional information rows, click the green plus (+) button.

After clicking the green plus (+) button, notice a new row is added with a red minus (-) button. If you need to remove an additional information row, simply click on the read minus (-) button. Let's leave it for now and type in the web address for the Social Security Administraion website as Next we will need to add our username and password information here as well so we will not forget it later. We need to add two more additional information rows first. Do you remember how to do that? Great! Let's click on the green plus (+) button twice and enter in that information now.

Your New Item screen should look something like this except for your real SSN number and your real username and password information should be entered.

Now we can select the appropriate Category icon to go with this personal info record. Click on the Category row (where the Key and Password are shown) to see the available Category choices.

You should now see the Choose Category screen. This screen has a Sort / Un-Sort button in the upper right. Click it to sort the available category choices.

Next scroll the Choose Category wheel until Social Security Number icon and text is selected.

Now you can click the New Item button in the upper left to return to the previous New Item screen.

Your New Item screen should look something like this except for your real SSN number and your real username and password information should be entered.

Congratulations! You have just created your first personal info record.

Now click the Save button in the upper left to save this record.

After the record has been saved the fields appear light blue and cannot be edited until the Edit button in the upper right is clicked.

If you need to change the category icon, it can be changed without clicking Edit. It will be automatically updated if changed.

Once your are sure everything is correct, click the Done button to return to the opening screen.


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