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Sunday Lectionary Updated

The Sunday Lectionary has been updated for version 1.2.8. This update includes performance improvements and bug fixes. This version was also updated from Objective-C to use Apple’s new Swift programming language.

Posted 8 weeks ago
<p>Pray God’s Will - In 365 Days is now available on Apple TV 4th generation!</p><p><a href="http://www.jimscomputerprogramming.com/pray-gods-will-app-tvos.php">http://www.jimscomputerprogramming.com/pray-gods-will-app-tvos.php</a><br/></p>

Pray God’s Will - In 365 Days is now available on Apple TV 4th generation!


Posted 91 weeks ago
<p>Sunday Lectionary now available on Android!!!</p>

Sunday Lectionary now available on Android!!!

Posted 147 weeks ago

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Posted 149 weeks ago

Android Apps Updated

All apps on Android recently redesigned to provide support for KitKat 4.4.x and to enhance the look and feel of the app.

Posted 149 weeks ago

New App Just Released!

Have you ever needed to rebuild your computer (you know, that all too familiar reformat party) and wished you had a list of all your software keys and licenses required to reload everything. Well, now you can have your list on your iPhone with Software Keys Manager!

Posted 169 weeks ago

Pray God's Will - In 365 Days app appeared in appPicker's news article

April 2, 2014 News

Pray God’s Will - In 365 Days app appeared in appPicker’s news article - The Best Prayer Apps for the iPhone and iPad which appeared in their “Best of” Lists! It is listed as the forth app from the top. Here is the link!


Posted 174 weeks ago
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