Sunday Lectionary App

iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

This App is based upon the 1979 Book of Common Prayer (BCP - Episcopal Church) and the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL). The purpose of the App is to provide the complete Year A, B, and C Sunday Lectionary scriptures that are normally only listed by their passages. In the past, the reader would look up the passages in the Book of Common Prayer for the applicable Year and date. Next they would individually open their Bible to the passage to obtain the reading.

By having the readings in the app database saves the reader from having to look these scriptures up. The database and supporting algorithms also provide a perpetual yearly calendar for all Sunday readings (forever).

I hope you and your family enjoy this App as much as I have enjoyed creating it and using it for my own family.


 The Sunday Lectionary app does in fact contain years a A, B, C however only the current year index is provided until the first day of Advent. On the first day of Advent when the user opens the app the indexes recalculate for the new Christian year. If you need to peak ahead, you can set your device clock to the first day of Advent and open the app so the app can recalculate the next year. If you do this, it should only be done for viewing the  Sunday Lectionary app as other apps will be adversely affected. Make sure you reset your device back to the current date. Or you can just wait until Advent (November 29).

After the database has been completely installed, the Lectionary Index is built and stored for future fast file access. 

Next the Sunday Lectionary readings for the next Sunday are automatically displayed.

To the left is the opening screen (or splash screen as it is often referred to) that you are presented with after you launch the application.

This app also displays in full screen on the iPad.

This app was designed to be used without an internet connection. Therefore, all readings for year A, B, and C are provided. 

If this is the first time the App has been run, then the Installing Lectionary Database progress bar is displayed.

The Lectionary Index lists each Sunday with date and title in table format. The current upcoming Sunday scripture date is highlighted in the table. Clicking on the highlighted cell opens the Lectionary readings for that Sunday. 

Note: Not all Lectionary readings are applicable for a given Lectionary year and are listed in the table cell as grayed text. 

 To return to the Lectionary Index, simply click the Lecti... button shown in the upper left of the navigation bar.

The readings are based on the passages that are found in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer (Episcopal Church) for the lectionary or from the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) depending upon the selected lectionary chosen in the Settings display (see below).

Typical readings include:

  • Old Testament
  • Psalm
  • Epistle
  • Gospel

Scripture readings are available in New King James Version (NKJV) and New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) via the NKJV | NRSV selection button. This selection is stored as a user preference when the app is closed.

Links to the complete copyright statements are available after each scripture as applicable.

Each reading is displayed on it's own page. To view the reading on a page, simply swipe your finger up to move the current display text up.

To change readings, tap the > button, or touch the right page margin to turn the page to the new reading. To return to a previous reading, tap the < button, or touch the left page margin to turn the page backwards.

An [About] link is provide at the top of the page for more information regarding the Lectionary.

Rotating the device to landscape presentation provides an even better zoom capability.

Pinching out to zoom is also available (iPhone, iPod Touch only).

Clicking on the [About] link at the top of the Lectionary page displays more information about this App and information regarding the Book of Common Prayer including the following section titles:

  • About This App
  • Concerning the Lectionary
  • The Ratification of the Book of Common Pray (1789)

A BACK link is include at the top of the About page to return to the previous Lectionary screen.

At the bottom of each scripture is the copyright link acronym of the applicable scripture translation; NKJV for  New King James Version and NRSV for New Revised Standard Version.

The link acronyms link to the bottom of the page where the applicable translation short version copyright statement is located. The title of the short version copyright statement is a link to the complete copyright statement for the applicable translation.

To the right is an example screen displaying the NKJV copyright statement.

A [Back] link is included at the top of the copyright statement to return to the previous Lectionary screen.

Select the desire lectionary BCP for Book of Common Prayer, or RCL for Revised Common Lectionary using the BCP / RCL selection buttons. This feature is new to version 1.2.

Also provided in the bottom tool bar is a Settings button that provides access to the desire lectionary selection or the Choose Font feature when clicked.

In the font chooser portion of the display, Sample Text is provided that changes in font face when a different font name is chosen in the Font Picker.

After choosing a desired font, simply click the Save button in the upper left to retain the desired font and lectionary choices.

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